Industry leaders using finance expertise and tech innovation.

We are consistently first with new ideas, which means your dealership can lead the way in surpassing your customers’ finance expectations.



New proposals have an instant soft search and are automatically sent to the most suitable lender



Dealerships rated the service from DSG as being Excellent on 83% of the last 12mths transactions



Customers are eligible to sign their documents through our multi-lender eSign platform Click Docs



Our point of sale system has had no ‘down time’ over the last 12mths


We always strive for absolute excellence.

Our field-based Regional Development Managers are industry specialists.

Most of our RDMs began their careers working in dealerships, giving them valuable, industry-relevant knowledge and expertise, which means they understand how to help you to achieve better results. Meet our Regional Development Managers

We liaise with customers on your behalf to help you convert more non-prime acceptances.

This includes everything from revised terms to obtaining supporting info. This not only saves you time, but also generates better conversions, meaning more cars sold.

Most dealer groups are always looking for additional support when it comes to helping fund Light Commercial Vehicles.

That’s why we have a dedicated LCV Specialist who can access a range of niche funding products designed to make these vehicles more affordable.

Our in-house Digital Sales team can manage web traffic on your behalf by processing incoming finance applications.

These applications are pre-vetted and accepted before being handed back to you as a fully-qualified, validated and accepted lead, freeing up both your personnel and capacity.


State-of-the-art, award winning, technology delivered by driven industry experts.


Would you like to join us in our mission to achieve absolute excellence?

At DSG, we hire the very best our industry has to offer.

We look for passion, professionalism, and an ability to perform at the highest level, and then we invest in you. From industry accreditations to regular training, we make sure all of our team are supported during our journey together. Like what you hear? then let’s get your career moving today.