Working with Dinnages [Ford]

Dinnages are a main ford dealer group established in 1935 with three dealers covering East/West Sussex. We had the pleasure of hearing their story and results from using our service.

About Dinnages [Ford]

“At the time we didn’t have a secured broker option and just had terms with our manufacturer and 2nd finance lender. We were looking to have secured terms in place to cover any potential declines.”

 “It was just over 5 years ago we were proactively approached by DSG Finance and have been a partner ever since.”

What made DSG Finance stand out?

“DSG’s range of product portfolio, not just lender relationships but flexible lender products and criteria that differed from what we had. This allowed us to have a solution for most client circumstances. The DSG quoting and proposal platform is straightforward and easy for team members to use. DSG’s support from both the office and regional members is extremely efficient along with competitive commission terms.”

“We grouped communication of using DSG along with access to DSG`s easy-to-use point of sale system and received great support in training our teams with DSG systems, processes and products.”

“Our teams are fully engaged with DSG products and value their support. Their office helps us by providing a professional service to our customers and often talks directly to them to help support their funding requirements.”

How have things changed since implementing DSGs service?

The solution has helped us sell additional vehicles with funding solutions that we previously couldn’t access for example DSG have a range of PCP providers that more often than not have stronger GMFV’s that help us be competitive in the market place, especially with our non-franchise stock. Their older vehicle PCP solution has also helped increase our opportunity to fund vehicles.

In 2018, DSG moved to our second lender relationship back. We also implemented the DSG monthly payments onto our group used car website

What have you been most impressed with?

Your regional manager Daniel White particularly impresses us. He is always helpful, always answers the phone and sorts any queries in a timely manner. He also supports us with regular management reviews and looks for incremental opportunities to help us increase vehicle/finance sales.

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