How to compete against a lower APR


Since January’s FCA changes, by not having the flexibility to discount the APR dealerships are effectively being denied the opportunity to negotiate when a customer is armed with an alternative offer or quote from a competitor.

On the face of it, it is understandable why dealerships may initially be concerned at the potential adverse effect this lack of flexibility could have on their finance penetration going forwards.


However, there is a solution – a flexible PCP. Our range of PCP products often have GFVs which are stronger than those available from a dealership or other lenders.

Therefore, we can provide the dealership with the opportunity to offer the customer a lower monthly repayment, whilst at the same time enabling the dealer to transact at the same fixed APR they have committed to.

This effectively provides the dealership with the opportunity to maintain – or even increase their finance penetration by having a ‘discounting’ solution – whilst still operating within their fixed APR policy.

Get in touch to find out more about DSG’s dealership solution for securing more vehicle and finance sales – Accelerator.

Mark Gow is Sales Director for DSG Group

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